Did You Know?

Learner Driver Practice

Learn Driving Skills encourage regular lessons to achieve test standard in short a time as possible, saving you time and money. The most common duration for a lesson is 2hrs, however this can be discussed with your instructor who will accommodate your availability and advise on the best way forward. 

Keeping up regular lessons is the key to achieve result, starting with weekly lessons. Having a long break between lessons will will slow the learning down and increase the amount of lessons required costing you more money and time. 

Should you wish to take private lessons from a friend or family member, please discuss with your instructor. Having private lessons is an advantage towards your development, however they should be in addition to the professional instruction lessons, allowing you to practice what was covered as a lesson.

In order to practice with an accompanying driver they must:-
* Be over 21 years old
* (Our instructors are over 21 years) 
* Have held a full UK Driving licence for three years
* (Our instructors are DSA registered) 
* Ensure the vehicle is taxed and insured for you to drive
* (Our cars are all insured for you to drive with no extra cost to you)
* Display RED ‘L’ plates on the front and back of the vehicle
* (Our cars meet this requirement)