Did You Know?

UK Driving Requirements

In order to learn to drive on public roads you must:-

* Be 17 years old
(Never too old to start learning)

* Have a UK provisional driving licence
(You can apply three months prior to your 17th birthday)

* Happy to learn from a professional instructor
(Learning from a skilled professional the standard required).

You can start the process to learning the theory while waiting on you provisional licence.
You must have your provisional licence before you can take any practical lessons.
You can now apply for your provisional licence online HERE


Before you can drive a car unaccompanied on public roads you need to:

* Pass your theory test

(You need to do this before you can book your practical test)

* Have driving lessons (Professional instruction is recommended)

* Pass the practical driving test

(This is the last stage to drive a car unaccompanied)

In order to practice with an accompanying driver they must:-

* Be over 21 years old (Our instructors are over 21 years)

* Have held a full UK Driving licence for three years
(Our instructors are DSA registered)

* Ensure the vehicle is taxed and insured for you to drive

(Our cars are all insured for you to drive with no extra cost to you)

* Display RED ‘L’ plates on the front and back of the vehicle
(Our cars meet this requirement)