Did You Know?

Your First Driving Lesson

Learning to drive is the start of a life changing step and a skill for life. Your first lesson is designed for you to get to know your instructor and for the instructor to assess your skill level. The instructor will issue a driver log book which is used to record your progress.

You will be required to bring  your provisional licence to the first lesson, where the instructor will record your details. Your instructor will also check your eyesight meets the required standard.

Your first lesson will cover the safety of entering and exiting the vehicle and the use of the main controls of the car, to ensure you have a good understanding of your training vehicle and how it works.

Upon being confident with the controls your instructor will teach how to move away and stop on the left, which is a basic skill easy to perfect. Following this skill your instructor will teach how to work up the gears to build up speed and park on the left.

Having mastered the control of the vehicle and gained confidence to move off, this is a solid foundation to progress onto junctions and more exercises.

At the end of the lesson you will be given feedback where your instructor will establish knowledge, confirm learning has taken place and schedule your next lesson.