Did You Know?


Payments can be made in cash or via bank transfer to:

Name: Learn Driving Skills
Account: 85400955
Sort Code: 09-01-27
Ref. Learner Name

To view our block prices click www.learndrivingskills.co.uk/prices
(each lesson is manual and is 1.5 or 2hrs).

Lessons start and end from Duddingston, school or local area as the local test centre is Musselburgh. 

Lessons are normally between 8am – 3pm (Mon to Fri) as this is the test timings, with some test being available on Saturday mornings. 

Pupils can create an account and go straight onto my pupil list.

You can download the GoRoadie app from the App Store and add a profile photo.

We are also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & TikTok which you are welcome to follow.